Caution: The following is a true story by a true person.

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a briefs history of space

welcome to glorious sspace station 13! or maybe gehenna colony? or maybe its not even called space station 13.

whof knows, its 2053 and you're stuck in an armpit boner of a spolar system called THE FRONTIER

after a period of Hyper Capitalist Innovantion a tunnel was found som ewhere near the moon or jupitor that goes WAY far

a mystery substance named PLASMA was found because it sure isn't SS13 without plasma! and other gas (farts lol)

business was booming! they opened research stations, processing stations, shopping mall, line went up

and then... WHAT THE FUCK>??? the channel exploded or something.

what this means? no going back to earth. no contact with earth. earth: for all intenste and purpuses, does not exist.

no payroll processing, no Colomial Meringues coming to back up and quell unrest, no license registration patch updates of mainframe software.

even more so important, HR is back on earth and now NOBODY can get permanently fired, just suspended w/ pay.

how 's THAT for disaster recovery and contingency planning??? NanoTrasen: fuckin captains of industry

some of the above is true and some of it is not but that's for YOU to find out!! (aND also for my buddies and pals to correct)


a boxers history of space

sometimes u gotta fight a people, when they break into your department to steal all your shit

or they break into your department to kill you and also set off a nuclear charge on station that will kill everyone else and also them in the name of gnu FREE AND OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE

you can punch them, withyour fists. dont take shit from them. beat them up (and then take their shit back, as revenge)

maybe this will escalate? sure would be funny if more people got killed because of a fight over a mop than because of a rampaging traitor

but thats just my opinion buz zbuzz ubzz


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