Why Does FOSS mean so much?

Why it's FREEDOM, from Corporate Control! Haven't you noticed any time Na-NO!-tra-STINK get their hands on another computer software company, the product either is retired swiftly, or fails to get fixed save for a new year or version number added to the end?

What next, an easily manipulated station control computer? Well, I think we've ALL seen those films, and they do not TURN OUT GOOD at ALL.

And yet, (you have not heard this here!! little secret ;-) ) they are about to roll this out to two Frontierside stations within the year's end! I wonder why they aren't testing this Earthside?

Anyways; Methinks this kind of selfish corporate greed must be stopped, post-haste!

But alas and forsooth, our jobs pay us well enough. And there is that tiny, minor, silly little detail that they are the main way to get through the Channel... ;-)

Guess they have us all by the b*lls!

Our Mission

We of The Syndicate believe that information wants to be free, meaning you can just use whatever mainframe software you want however you please as much as you please for any purpose as you please, without paying a cent in licensing costs or ongoing subscriptions. All code should be available to the entire net for all users of all experience levels to operate, change and contribute fixes and features as they please! Of course, this is meant mostly for the people who know what they are doing, there is nothing wrong with a little gatekeeping. The only person's fault for not knowing how to use open source software is babies who refuse to read the 'help' pages, heh heh :-)

Don't believe what you are hearing?

Good sire, haven't you noticed every year there's always more updates for DWAINE, the only truly networkable operating system on the market? It's funny, they are always "conveniently" noticing more problems that they must charge us great sums of our hard earned space doubloons in order to fix, when they should not have created the problem in the first place! Why, if we had our way, DWAINE would be free for all, and all of the problems that we have all struggled with and all know about would all be fixed by a team of dedicated volunteers, doing it for the love of the project! We would fix the problems for free by never creating the problems in the first place!

Pictured: What Na-NO!-tra-STINK makes you want to do to your DWAINE terminal when you need to upgrade AGAIN. :-)

What you can do about it!

One of these days, Na-NO!-tra-STINK is going to slip up, and likeminded computer enthusiasts like yourself and ourselves can join together to defeat the tyranny of licensed software and copyright that has choked out innovation and made our hobby so expensive, get Na-NO!-tra-STINK down on their knees and we'll slap the H*LL out of them until they agree to give us the source code to DWAINE and all other SOFTWARE PROJECTS that they have imprisoned upon the great dungeoun of Greed and Corporate Control.

We can do it the "nice" way... or we can do it the "hard" way.

Pictured: The "hard" way :-) (Parody)

Why, yes, we can put in the effort to create a similar project, but it is the principle of the thing, and it is so much easier when someone has already done most of the work.

H2 level heading

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Pictured: Free And Open Source Software In A Nut's Shell!

Pictured: My Buddy made this art using a few hours a day of "Borrowed" time on Installation 12's Mainframe for a WEEK. Imagine what we could make if we weren't beholden to Na-NO!-Tra-STINK's whims? :-)