clonial moergellons

al;hpa bravo charly motherffuckers

"oh an aliens let's kill them" hands off our paisanbos, bubby, you try some shit and its its on sight


fuck off back to earth corporate bullshit

you know these ceremonial mondegreens did some fuckenn atrocities


AUTHOR'S NOTE: this is not any indication of beef of any kind with the CM server at all, you're cool and it's okay relax buddis
it is an indication of beef with military forces in general and specifically capitalism/colonialism/imperialism

also it's a joke about how nanotrasen's mercenary motherfuckers, if any, are absolutely cut off and stuck back on earth and will not be getting any discount on the 2053 coolstation fronteir version of sbarro's mallpizza


fuck the troops

atten stafe add momes page