theres always plasma. there's always traitors. theres always




the company what done it, the one you work for

many different origins, many different logos, but one name, and one purpose

the exploitation of plasma and disposable space people4 labor

did they invent plasma? did they discover rocket ships? are they actually truly evil? maybe.

but listen, buds, they sign your pay checks just as they charge you a convenience fee for them to sign your paychecks

you gotta* go to work and do your dang job since you are CONTRUCTUALY OBLONGATED

given the channel collapse,. are there penalties for fucking around? not really.

are there fabulous prizes to be won for WORKING HARD and DOING GREAT? like promotions? no idiot

the prize is more work and responsibility and also less pay. its just like irl


but the real reason you do it is because maybe it makes your other buddyie's life more easier

or you're having a good itme

or because it's funny


if this is some sorta purgatory and nothing you do matters

then maybe: everything you do matters?


i dunno but check out this imagg i found in the assets lmao

we're really making great stuff huh

atten stafe add momes page