cool mall

its out there

i don't think it ever really opened or if it did it kinda got fucked up by the channel going down

like it was already kind oif a stretch, people arent gonna take t he trip from sol system to the frontier just to chow down on SBARROS RIght?

also they absolutely overestimated the difference between how much NT staff are paid and how many execs there are

or maybe it's not even that luxuriouis and its a space strip mall next to a space motel??

maybe it was converted into another station, hastily, since all the structure was already tyhere?????


legends tell of stores that change and shift and rearrange themselves when nobody's looking...... spooky



come fuckin shop, it's probably not infested with syndicate drones and hideous mutants

you can absolutely poke out that dried crustyy yogurt, it's formed a protective seal to maintain the still-totally good yogurt that's bee nin there for the past 5(????????????) years

il;l give you 10 credits if you do it come on

atten stafe add momes page


quick note about juicers because we don't have a page about juicers yet


it explains everything and you are now satisfied