Space Station 13 Ate My Balls!

We've been featured in:
Central Command - Why Unauthorized DWAINE Usage Must Be Punished Broadcast Announcement
  • Scott Graves's Book "grump and grustle"
  • NT Trends Magazne
  • Channel Surfer Magazine
  • University of Europa's Independent Mudraptor Newspaper
  • An interview
    And who knows where else! If you know of any more, let me know

    We are completely unlisted!
    There is also The Stingray Mega-Page

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    "Oh, my God!"
    Brought to you by the random mayhem of the chumpos of Gehenna Colony!
    They would be:
    Rafael Cox, Lorde Mirza, Some Other Nerds Who Might Want Their Names Up Here, and my (then) roommate Small Bart. (I think that's everyone)

    Happy Munching!
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